Relationship Counselling


When couples find their relationship at breaking point, it can feel overwhelming, stressful and exhausting. Couples experiencing this distress often feel unable to resolve their difficulties alone and seek impartial, outside help in the form of a relationship counsellor. 

These difficulties can be due to many things; financial stress, lack of trust, intimacy, anger, sexuality, ageing, illness, addiction, bereavement, abuse, infidelity or redundancy, to name but a few. Adapting to a new or changing family environment, such as a new baby, blended families or dealing with a loss can create it's own difficulties, which can feel hopeless, and finding a way forward seem impossible. Often, one or both partners do not feel heard or understood within the relationship, leading to feelings of frustration or loneliness and isolation. 

The purpose of relationship counselling is to find the root of the conflict and help the couple to develop healthy and effective communication. The focus of the counselling is on the relationship itself, however, it is expected that each partner pay attention to their own self development and self awareness. By helping each person to express their thoughts, feelings and wishes within a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment, the couple can move forward into a new and better space.


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