Why choose Jellybean Counselling?

"I've finally found someone who gets me! Thank you, Fiona, I really appreciate your patience and understanding."
“Thank you so much for everything! You have taught me so much about myself and truly changed my life."
"I'm feeling very positive with life now and in a great place, thank you so much, Fiona for all your support."
“Choosing someone for counselling is a minefield, after doing all the local and Google searches Jellybean Counselling caught my eye and I contacted them via their website to make an appointment. Meeting Fiona immediately put my mind at rest; not judgemental at all and very easy to talk to honestly. Fiona has helped me move on with my life and the sun is shining again, I can not recommend Jellybean highly enough.”
“I’m really grateful to Fiona for helping me to see things more clearly, the counselling has helped me to take control of my life again.”
“I’ll remember this time with such fondness, thank you Fiona.”
“Having a few sessions with Fiona helped us to understand how we communicate (or not!) giving us the opportunity to make the changes we needed to move forward.”
“I was very sceptical about having counselling, but had got to the stage where I knew I couldn’t get through my difficulties on my own, I couldn’t see the wood for the trees! I was in a really dark place, but Fiona’s way of being made me feel at ease and step by step, with her help, I found my way again. Definitely recommend Jellybean Counselling!”
"I felt very reassured and comfortable with Fiona and got to see her really quickly. It was a relief to feel supported and not feel so alone."
"I'm so grateful to Fiona, the work we've done together has been life changing!"
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