Preparing for Parenting...
                                                            are you ready?

Experiences in our own childhood can have a huge impact on our decision, ability or capacity to create a new loving family of our own. 

Exploring our understanding of ourselves, who we are and why we feel and behave the way we do allows a freedom of choice and confidence to enjoy being a 'good enough' parent. Healing childhood wounds can facilitate a powerful shift in our counsciousness. 
"Children learn more from the way you are, than what you teach."
Often during pregnancy we are well informed about what to expect before and during birth, with valuable education on how to care for our newborn. However, creating awareness on how becoming a parent can affect our physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual selves is far less forthcoming.

Two becoming three, or four, or more can change how we feel about ourselves and the world around us... and that can be an incredibly daunting, overwhelming place to be.

Giving ourselves the opportunity to create a more secure base for ourselves and our relationships can offer the newest member of our family a secure base to grow from too. Being more able to meet a child's needs can help them to develop a healthy relationship with themselves and others, to thrive and be who they truly are.

"Parenting isn't about being perfect... it's about being real."

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